Web Hosting Provider UK2 Group Launches First CM4all Sites in US

Web Hosting Provider UK2 Group Launches First CM4all Sites in US

Web Hosting Provider UK2 Group Launches First CM4all Sites in US

Greatresponder.com – 2011-08-21 – On Wednesday, the web hosting company and leading provider of web-based applications Content Management AG (CM-AG) made the announcement that the UK2 Group, an industry-leading hosting provider and domain registrar, has effectively launched CM4all Sites through its brand WestHost.
Ever since its launching this new product that have been recently marketed under the product name of “DropClick”. For just $8 or $16, this new service will provide for clients a full website package.

Since 1998, the Utah-based web hosting company, WestHost, has been offering to its costumers quality web hosting services and superior customer support.

UK2 is a major player in the web hosting industry. The company is made up of twelve hosting brands successfully operating in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is one the most successful and fastest growing web hosting providers in the U.K.

“Although we have been using CM4all software since 2005, we put the latest software’s front- and back-end capabilities to the test during an extensive QA phase,” said Jeff Hunsaker, President of UK2 Group – US Operations. “CM4all Sites is truly OEM ready. With its modern architecture and added flexibility, CM4all Sites perfectly supports our bundling strategy and opens up multiple new business opportunities.”

CM4all Sites are created precisely to meet the complex requirements of large-scale hosting providers. This new product also comes with proven administrative APIs for a seamless integration with the OEM partner’s existing control panel and hardware infrastructure.

The web hosting company’s end customers will be able to take advantage from the refined features such as CM4all Sites’ new Instant Setup Page as well as CM-AG’s innovative widget technology that allows for convenient drag & drop, configuration, and arrangement of all website elements.

A wide range of Built-in widgets are available for the web hosting company’s clients. This wide range includes everything from contact forms through weather forecasts to social media connectivity with Twitter and Facebook.

Furthermore, a dedicated shop widget will provide the clients with the possibility to integrate their own online shop into their site.

Also, CM-AG, OEM partners, and external software engineers design CM4all Sites with an open widget API that enables the integration of third party services and allows for continuous development of widgets.

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