Web Hosting Provider Fasthosts Launches ‘Scaled-up’ Accounts

Web Hosting Provider Fasthosts Launches 'Scaled-up' Accounts

Web Hosting Provider Fasthosts Launches 'Scaled-up' Accounts

Greatresponder.com – 2011-08-13 –On Friday, the web hosting provider and innovator Fasthosts made the announcement that it has now a new ‘Scaled-up’ range for shared web hosting accounts. This Scaled-up range of shares web hosting was created to ensure more effective online business or personal sites.

The standard range of features has been boosted into something a lot more useful to the web hosting companies’ clients. The entire rage of products was given a boost. The storage was augmented for beginners. This augmentation made the storage at least 4 times larger. The Personal Standard users are also getting 15GB of web space, Business Standard users getting 100GB of space and Business Premium users getting unlimited storage.

Business Standard users are getting 50 accounts and Business Premium users are getting unlimited accounts. To make accessing this storage easier for a range of users, the number of FTP accounts has been increased, with Personal Standard users getting five accounts.

Fasthosts web hosting has boosted its MySQL options with most high-quality sites requiring a SQL database. Personal Standard of the web hosting company users are now getting one MySQL database, Business Standard users get five databases and Business Premium users get 10.

“Our new scaled-up shared hosting range shows our approach to encouraging business users to leverage the best hosted technologies available to them,” said Stephen Holford, marketing director at Fasthosts. “By providing them with more resources, Fasthosts aims to support firms in constantly evolving their online activities. The high-end quality of our Premium web hosting continues to reflect why Fasthosts is often the IT professional’s choice”.

All accounts are now half-priced for 12 months. This encouraging special also enable the clients to choose between Windows and Linux hosting. To check out the offers, have a look at the Fasthosts web hosting page.

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