Web Hosting Provider Rackspace Names Sabre Holdings CEO to Board

Web Hosting Provider Rackspace Names Sabre Holdings CEO to Board

Web Hosting Provider Rackspace Names Sabre Holdings CEO to Board

Greatresponder.com – 2011-08-07 – On Friday, the innovative web hosting provider Rackspace Hosting made the announcement that it has named as part of the board of directors Sam Gilliland, chairman and CEO of Sabre Holdings and Rackspace Web Hosting’s CSO and cloud president Lew Moorman.

The day this news came out was the same as when the web hosting provider announced the launching of its Critical Sites service in Europe. This services was designed for Rackspace’s clients with an “extremely mission critical” website.

Sam Gilliland still maintains the position he has served in since 2003 that role being the chairman and CEO of the tourism technology company Sabre Holdings.

Before that Sam Gilliland had the job of president and CEO of Travelocity. Prior to that, he was the executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Sabre Holdings. He also held the status of group president of the company’s Airline Solutions business. And finally the senior vice president and general manager of Sabre Business Travel Solutions.

Gilliland is on President Obama’s Management Advisory Board as well. He here serves on the US Commerce Department’s Travel and Tourism Advisory Committee to Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke.

Lew Moorman is Rackspace’s chief strategy officer and president of Rackspace’s Cloud business. Moorman started working for Rackspace in 2000 and has had a very influential role in “building the company into a leader in the cloud computing industry,” said the web hosting provider.

Prior to his current job at the web hosting provider Lew Moorman held several positions at the management-consulting firm McKinsey & Company. His job required advising high technology clients on critical strategic issues.

“Through innovation and our focus on Fanatical Support, Rackspace continues to deliver world-class service outcomes in cloud computing for our customers. We are honored to have Sam Gilliland join us in our mission to build one of the world’s greatest service companies. We’re also pleased to add to our board Lew Moorman, who has been instrumental in making us the service leader in cloud computing. His strategic vision has helped drive our company forward in a turbulent industry, and has particularly inspired our talent-based acquisitions of companies such as Cloudkick and ANSO Labs. We are confident that the addition of Sam and Lew will help ensure the continued success of Rackspace,” said Lanham Napier, president and CEO of Rackspace Hosting.

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