Web Hosting Provider Enterhost Upgrades Cooling System

Web Hosting Provider Enterhost Upgrades Cooling System

Web Hosting Provider Enterhost Upgrades Cooling System

Greatresponder.com – 2011-07-19 – Web hosting provider Enterhost announces that they replaced its usual cooling system with an air conditioning system by Data Aire, Inc. It is the company’s most green and energy-efficient data center air conditioning system. Enterhost Web Hosting wanted to reduce its environmental footprint by doing this phased, three-year change to its 20,000-square-foot data center.

Data centers are considered the backbone of the information knowledge. They are a storage system that contains the servers. They ensure safe infrastructure technology solutions to companies or others. But one of the main disadvantages of data centers is that they need to consume a huge amount of power. Servers’ and data centers’ energy consumption will represent $7.4 billion in annual electricity cost and will reach over 100 billion kWh this year, according to estimates by The Environmental Protection Agency.

For this reason, web hosting provider Enterhost is trading in its old-time equipment for the brand new, extremely environmentally friendly, gForce technology by Data Aire. The non-ozone depleting refrigerants gForce technology will, in theory, save Enterhost up to 40 percent of energy saving. The gForce, along with its energy-efficient fans and cooling coils, is compliant submissive with the standards recommended by the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer.

Furthermore, the web hosting provider also opted to reengineer its data center in order to be able to reduce to a minimum the number of physical servers by offering advanced virtualization technologies and cloud computing solutions. Those servers will be able to provide storage capacity as well other key requirements along with helping the environment.

“Our energy-saving initiatives have allowed us to make improvements to our data center and NOC, resulting in conserving resources. We are committed to reducing our power consumption and passing these savings on to our clients,” said Carissa Cotner, Enterhost’s spokesperson.

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