JaguarPC announced additional SolusVM to VPS Web Hosting

JaguarPC announced the additional SolusVM to VPS Web Hosting

JaguarPC announced the additional SolusVM to VPS Web Hosting – 2011-07-18 – Today, JaguarPC announced the launch of the additional Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) virtualization software to their managed VPS web hosting services. The main point of this prosper is to additionally improve an already exceptional range of Virtual Private Server web hosting services. The company’s costumers will still be able to use and benefit from the matchless level of control provided by SolusVM all while the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers are still be available.
“At JaguarPC, we have always had a clear focus on becoming the best VPS host, we have designed a range of affordable VPS hosting solutions that make deployment and management of virtualized servers as hassle-free as possible. Now, with the addition of SolusVM as an alternative application for operating system virtualization, we are proud to give our customers even more control over their own systems and the software they use for running them,” Says, CEO at JaguarPC, Greg Landis.
Allowing end-users to control their virtual servers and web hosting resellers to deploy virtual machines just as rapidly as easily, since SolusVM is highly configurable GUI based virtual server management software. JaguarPC encourages their costumes to focus their time and attention on the more important aspects of their businesses instead of spending this time worrying about server management.
“We understand that offering a solid, reliable VPS hosting range is not enough to stay competitive in today’s market,” says Greg Landis. “What our clients really need is a web host that takes things to the next level, by going above and beyond the bare essentials of server virtualization. We already do that with our ‘quality, not quantity’ policy of never overselling our virtual servers and our free daily backups powered by R1soft – adding SolusVM as a virtualization option is another step in the ongoing evolution of our products. For the same low price, our managed VPS hosting customers and hosting resellers can start using the powerful and convenient features of SolusVM.”

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