Cloud Web Hosting study released by ScienceLogic

Cloud Web Hosting study released by ScienceLogic

Cloud Web Hosting study released by ScienceLogic – 2011-07-18 – The IT management technology vendor ScienceLogic ( along with its IT executives has last week released a study about cloud web hosting. The company’s IT executives are indeterminate about altering parts in its IT operations. However, they are determined in investing in the internal staff and tools that are needed to manage service delivery in its cloud web hosting. A downloadable PDF version of the full study is available on the ScienceLogic’s site.

The IT management technology vendor says that the study was assigned by them to the independent research group Gatepoint Research. Gatepoint Research leads the study by polling over a 100 IT directors (or higher-ranking managers) working in medium to large-sized companies in North America.

The majority of IT executives say that they expect the cloud web hosting services to decrease the number of functional IT silos and make collaboration easier between those silos. Other executives claimed that they anticipate that cloud web hosting will simplify and even decrease the need for internal IT operations if used.

“These survey results are not surprising considering the daunting task of managing application performance across a mix of data center and cloud environments, and organizations are trying to determine how the cloud will impact both internal operations as well as service delivery,” Steve Harriman, the senior vice president of marketing for ScienceLogic, was quoted in a statement. “The role of IT operations could diminish as cloud services become easily accessible to end users with minimal IT intervention. But for most enterprises, the IT operations function is the interface between IT and the business, providing critical visibility and support that will be increasingly important and challenging as services move into the cloud.”

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