Storm On Demand Upgrades Web Hosting Servers

Storm On Demand Upgrades Web Hosting Servers

Storm On Demand Upgrades Web Hosting Servers – 2011-07-07 – Storm On Demand cloud web hosting, unit of Liquid Web web hosting company announced yesterday it has updated its cloud hosting service instance by adding additional 96GB of ECC RAM.

In addition to great number of RAM gigabytes, each of these servers equipped by 32 cores at 2.0GHZ each for a total of 64.0GHZ, writes at over 3 Gbps and reads at over 4 Gbps.

The company said that Liquid Web web hosting company made “extensive research” on the cloud instance, and realized it is the “best I/O performance available in a cloud server.”

Storm On Demand cloud web hosting company goes on to say in the press release that its on demand servers are “developed to provide incredible I/O performance thereby overcoming the common objection of I/O contention associated with switching to cloud computing.”

The company also allows users to seamlessly scale from a small server instance to almost any server hardware available.

“By implementing 96GB of ECC Ram into our Storm Server line, we have deployed a cloud web server powerful enough to serve nearly any web hosting need at previously unprecedented speeds,” said mr. Matthew Hill, founder and CEO of Liquid Web and Storm On Demand. “We are looking forward to providing an exciting new option for both businesses looking to enter the cloud market, as well as those looking to expand to larger instance. The 96GB Storm Server means that literally any business application can be served from the cloud.”

Storm On Demand recently launched servers at an introductory promotional price of $.05 per hour or $35 per month.

All clients are give the choice of Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian or FreeBSD servers, with the option of adding Liquid Web “Heroic Support” with any of the Storm services.

Storm On Demand web hosting company is a unit of Liquid Web web hosting company, which has three data centers located in Lansing, Michigan.

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