Internap Web Hosting Data Center Achieves Green Globes Certification

Internap Web Hosting Data Center Achieves Green Globes Certification

Internap Web Hosting data center Achieves Green Globes Certification – 2011-07-02 – Colocation and web hosting service provider Internap Network Services announced Yesterday that its Santa Clara web hosting data center has achieved valuable Green Globes certification, following a thorough review process by the Green Buildings Initiative.

This noticeable marks is the first Green Globes certification of a public web hosting data center in the US as well as the first non governmental data center building in California.

In November 2010, the company opened its Santa Clara web hosting data center, located at 2151 Mission College Boulevard.

Similar to certifications developed by The Green Grid and LEED programs, Green Globes is a useful green building guidance and assessment solution developed by nonprofit green organization GBI.

The solution helps commercial building owners advance environmental performance and sustainability.

Internap’s Santa Clara web hosting data center building received the Green Globes “New Construction” certification, which evaluates, quantifies and improves the environmental performance of both new construction and serious renovation projects.

In order to qualify for the Green Globes certification, Internap Santa Clara made noticeable interior and exterior renovations to the existing web hosting data center building to adhere to standards related to consuming fewer fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse emissions, conserving water, reducing other forms of pollution, minimizing impact on the land surrounding the building and offering a better working environment for occupants.

“Internap’s Santa Clara web hosting data center highlights the success that is possible in the design and construction of an environmentally sustainable commercial building,” said mr. Joe Pinelli, vice president and general manager of Green Globes at GBI. “The unique requirements of data centers – specifically the tremendous energy usage – typically make them a difficult fit for sustainability programs, but this project achieved excellent results and was a shining example of how to resolve that problem. Internap’s team should be proud of the manner in which it approached the overall design and construction for efficient use of energy and resources, a healthy environment for its employees and fiscal prudence for the company itself.”

The Green Globes certification process included a comprehensive online assessment and intensive site visit and evaluation by an independent, third-party evaluator.

Some of the key factors that contributed to Internap’s Green Globes certification include the use of reclaimed water to save 27,849,500 gallons of potable water per year, reusing more than 99 percent of materials to avoid waste, and a reduction of nearly 50 percent in energy use compared to similar building types.

The building’s office area will supplement its electrical load with green power for the office for a period of two years, which will help to reduce the strain of power companies and the greenhouse gas emissions caused by power plants.

Internap designed the data center to include environmentally-conscious transportation features, including carpool parking stalls, reducing air pollution and oil consumption, as well as an educational outreach program to promote the green facility design for occupants and visitors.

In addition to the Green Globes, Internap data center is also working toward LEED and Energy Star environmental building rating systems at some of its other web hosting data centers.

Internap representative says that company committed to supporting renewable energy and recently purchased around 400,000 kWh of completely renewal energy credits for the Internap Santa Clara data center, which will account for 487,585 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Small summary on Internap company:
Today Internap is one of the leading web hosting data center operators in US with facilities in Asia and Europe. Over than 2,700 enterprises across the planet rely on Internap to to provide unparalleled performance, high availability and support. Company portfolio include some of the most successful businesses today, ranging from the Fortune 500 to cutting-edge startups and everything in between.

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