Sidera Extends Network To DuPont Web Hosting Data Center

Sidera Extends Network to DuPont Web Hosting Data Center

Sidera Extends Network to DuPont Web Hosting Data Center – 2011-06-26 – Network and connectivity service provider Sidera Networks several days ago that it has extended its premium quality fiber optic network to well known DuPont Fabros Technology web hosting data center in New Jersey, US.

This announcement comes a few week after Spread Networks added connectivity and bandwidth at the same DuPont Fabros Piscataway, New Jersey web hosting data center.

According to the press release, the tenants at NJ1 now have access to financial exchanges and carrier hotels through Sidera’s Xtreme Network. DuPont Fabros’ NJ1 web hosting data center is a network node on Sidera’s network and is connected to 111 Eighth Avenue and 165 Halsey Street.

“Sidera’s Xtreme Network provides very unique routes and extremely low latency network connectivity and will provide an excellent data center experience for our existing tenants, and it will also allow us to invite new customers looking for an expert partner with high quality network solutions,” Vinay Nagpal, director of carrier relations for DFT said in a statement.

Sidera Networks company acquired colocation service provider Cross Connect Solutions in November 2010 year.

“We are very excited to partner with well known DFT at its Piscataway web hosting data center. This highly specialized data center facility has brought a ‘new level’ of data centers to this region,” Mike Sicoli, chief executive officer of Sidera Networks said in a statement. “Through this relationship, DFT customers can benefit from not only a first class data center, but ultra high speed, diverse connectivity from a trusted network provider. Our Xtreme Network is a testament to our ongoing commitment to invest in our technology infrastructure — ensuring that we continue to deliver industry-leading speeds, access and top quality of service.”

Small summary on DuPont Fabros Technology company:

DuPont Fabros Technology is one of the leading operator and manager of wholesale data centers. The Company’s data centers are highly equiped, specialized and very secure. Company’s facilities designed to support most critical business processes.

Well known industry leading companies such as Microsoft Corporation, Yahoo! and Facebook, completely entrust DFT to provide constant power and cooling to their web servers and other network equipment that support their ongoing business processes.

Small summary on Sidera Networks company:

Sidera Networks was found in 1994. Since the foundation company provide highly reliable, customized solutions data centers and telecom companies.

Today Sidera Networks known as one of the largest network and connectivity provider in North America.