Web Hosting Netregistry Acquires Distribute.IT Company

Web Hosting Netregistry Acquires Distribute.IT

Web Hosting Netregistry Acquires Distribute.IT

Greatresponder.com – 2011-06-24 – Netregistry web hosting company and domain registrar announced few days ago it has acquired the customers and assets of well known Australian web hosting company Distribute.IT as well as its subsidiary Click n Go. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed and kept private.

The acquisition comes three weeks after hacker team attacked the Australian web hosting company taking over 4,800 domains and accounts of its clients offline.

In Netregistry company press release states, new owner will be assisting with resources and solutions to all Distribute.IT customers affected by the hacking.

Netregistry representative said that it emphasizes with Distribute.IT’s situation, and says it is fortunate to be “in a position to offer a stable cloud infrastructure solution to the thousands of customers whose business and livelihoods have been affected.”

“We all have a great deal of sympathy and concern for the consequences to Distribute.IT staff, management and customers of this unfortunate incident,” said Larry Bloch, CEO of the Netregistry Group. “It is important to us that all Distribute.IT customers know the extent of effort to which Distribute IT have gone to rectify the damage. Distribute.IT had a very solid reputation – that comes from doing a good job for a long time. Without that, I’ve no doubt that this situation would be a lot worse. I want to remind customers of that excellence and ask for their patience and support as we work through the requirements to return services to all customers as rapidly as possible.”

This arrangement is supported by .au Domain Administration, the .au manager, which has been working closely with Distribute IT management and Netregistry to ensure a satisfactory outcome for affected customers.

All of Distribute.IT’s clients will be given the option of moving their hosting accounts or other services over to the Netregistry side, where hosting customers will be placed in the reliable and well secured cloud clustered, load-balanced infrastructure.

Netregistry web hosting running their cloud system is Global Switch data center, which is known as the largest data center in the Southern hemisphere, UK.

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