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Web Hosting U-SYNC Launches Cloud Storage Hosting

Web Hosting U-SYNC Launches Cloud Storage Hosting

Web Hosting U-SYNC Launches Cloud Storage

Web Hosting U-SYNC Launches Cloud Storage

Greatresponder.com – 2011-06-23 – Content Management It company AG announced on Wednesday that Taiwanese web hosting provider U-SYNC started “Cloud Drive”, an online web storage solution and featured backup powered by CM4all OnlineDrive technology.

U-SYNC is a web hosting company that targets Taiwanese market while planning to expand to the Chinese and rest Asia mainland during 2011.

The new Cloud Drive solution is currently being offered to all clients via U-SYNC’s partner, Asia Pacific Telecom corporation.

The user interface of Cloud Drive solution is one the Chinese-language version of CM4all. It was adapted to Asia Pacific Telecom’s corporate firm style, and co-branded with U-SYNC’s logo and other firm atributes.

“CM4all OnlineDrive strengthens our value proposition by enabling us to offer our customers a complete package of sophisticated server hardware combined with a market proven online storage and data management application,” said Paul Wang, CIO of U-SYNC. “We built on that and created iPhone, iPad and Android Phone apps that allow our customers to conveniently access Cloud Drive on the go. This way they can both open and share files stored in their account as well as back-up files from their mobile devices to protect them against data loss. Additionally, we offer our customers the option to access their media files such as videos and images directly from their set-top boxes.”

With CM4all OnlineDrive, U-SYNC web hosting “meets the constantly growing demand” for online web storage and backup solutions in Taiwan and China, according to the company press release.

The application’s advanced file manager supports drag and drop functions and facilitates file administration.

An advanced Java-based uploader enables fast uploading of multiple files or even folders with files and automatically extracts all ZIP and GZIP archives.

Clients are able to log in to their Cloud Drive accounts from any point worldwide in order to upload/download, modify or save their digital content, documents, music and media web files.

Guest accounts option allows account owner to create sub-account for friends, relatives or colleagues. It allow friends, relatives or colleagues to access shared folders and allow for cooperation regardless of the users’ location. U-SYNC web hosting also provides apps for Android OS and iOS enabling file access from pocket PCs, smart phones and tablet PCs powered by mentioned operational systems.

Additionally, a U-SYNC web hosting unique backup client allows both PC and Mac users to conveniently and automatically back-up their digital resources according to simple rules they can easily define.

Other features include advanced scheduling, file synchronization feature, WebDAV advanced access and the creation of multiple profiles and precise filters, ensuring all users that the latest versions of their content and files are always available and safe.

Using U-SYNC back-up client, both the file transfer and the stored data is completely protected from unauthorized access with 128-bit encryption.

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