Web Hosting Company Web.com Launches Mobile Website Service

Web Hosting Company Web.com Launches Mobile Website Service

Web Hosting Company Web.com Launches mobile Website Service

Greatresponder.com – 2011-06-21 – Web.com web hosting company announced that it has launched user friendly and in same time very advanced new tool to enable any businesses to create mobile oriented websites in easy manner.

“We’re committed to helping small businesses capitalize on the growing mobile opportunity,” said David L. Brown, chairman and CEO of Web.com. “Our solution provides a simple, call-to-action interface for those engaging in local search, and frees small businesses from having to create and maintain one website for typical internet users and a separate site just for mobile users.”

Referring to the press release of Web.com web hosting company, Mobile Website detects when Internet-activated mobile devices are visiting a website and then redirects the user to “mobile oriented, icon-based views” of key and summarized information such as directions, contact information including detailed location with map and office hours of operation.

This mobile service automatically generates the mobile oriented web site from existing web content, so that site operators do not have to hire someone to take care of this. That’s pretty automated procedure.

New Web.com’s mobile Website service is an extremely useful tool for web hosting services as it gives them another value-added feature that helps to differentiate themselves among other competitors.

And with the growing market of mobiles devices such as smartphones, all web hosting providers must continue to offer these kinds of services to their clients to meet actual needs of businesses.

The website’s media content such as images, banners, logos, and entire content are seamlessly converted into a mobile web view designed for small screens used in most mobile devices and smartphones.

Information is displayed in a friendly, icon based web interface that loads faster than original web content.

Web.com web hosting is now offering this Mobile Website solution to its new and renewing domain name clients through its subsidiary Register.com, that was acquired approximately a year ago.

This Mobile Website product was developed in close cooperation with authoritative Internet infrastructure services provider Verisign.

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