TeleHouse Web Hosting Company Hosts Its First Bootcamp of 2011

TeleHouse Web Hosting Company Hosts Its First Bootcamp of 2011

TeleHouse Web Hosting Company Hosts Its First Bootcamp of 2011 – 2011-06-20 – TELEHOUSE America web hosting company and data center operator in the United States announces few days ago that it will host first Bootcamp of 2011 on June 22, 2011.

The event will be held at TELEHOUSE’s web hosting company main headquarters at The Teleport in Staten Island, New York district and will feature industry experts from Fujitsu company, Jaymie Scotto & Associates, and well known Mission Critical Magazine.

Jon Rodriguez, Senior Product and Marketing Manager of Fujitsu company will present his insights on typical datacenter IT staff, who are working under pressure in today’s uneasy virtualized environment, and how to select the right server architecture for web hosting needs or specific requirements.

Ilissa Miller, partner at Jaymie Scotto & Associates company, will provide interesting insight into the latest trends in social media in her presentation, “How to Maximize your Social Media in a B to B, Technology Focused Business.”

Mission Critical Magazine Editor Kevin Heslin will give audience members an ‘inside look’ at what we can expect to see in technology trends this coming year.

Attendees of the Bootcamp will also be invited to attend an exclusive tour of TELEHOUSE’s flagship facility data center at 7 Teleport Drive. Breakfast and lunch will also be served.

Overall Bootcamp is a meeting where well known industry experts are sharing useful information, making reports on the state of affairs in the industry and offer various recommendations insight. Its good place to find actual information, to get suggestions on different problems and probably find new connection. At the end, such meetings are usually accompanied by a pleasant coffee time or lunch where all members can discuss meeting and and ask speakers about with any questions about speeches. So, everyone who want to be industry savvy should be considered to visit such Bootcamps.

For more information and to register for the free event, visit following URL:

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