SpamTitan Launches Anti-Spam Solution For Web Hosting And ISP

SpamTitan Launches Anti-Spam Solution For Web Hosting And ISP

SpamTitan Launches Anti-Spam Solution For Web Hosting And ISP – 2011-06-14 – Last week we announced information that SpamExperts became a partner for popular Portugal web hosting and domain registrar company. Today we have new information coming from another email security company which is known as SpamTitan.

SpamTitan company is a well known anti-spam technology developer. This week they announced it has launched first cloud-based virtual appliance designed to provide email security against SPAM, viruses and fishing with use of private clouds.

According to company press release, SpamTitan offers unique solution that is designed for business. This anti-spam solution is very flexible and provide great protection against SPAM and other risk related to email. Company saying that their solution is first anti-spam offer that gives own private virtual appliances on cloud basis.

”The uptake of cloud computing is set to increase in 2011 with cost savings and flexibility being the key motivators,” said SpamTitan Technologies CEO Ronan Kavanagh, quoted in the press release. “Today’s announcement marks the next generation deployment phase for SpamTitan offering even more flexibility to our customers as well as increased efficiency, affordability and ease of use.”

New solution is available for free within first 30 days. Such approach gives enough time to check it and make right decision. Pricing starts at $650/annually per 50 users.

Additionally SpamTitan says they have very unique special program designed for web hosting companies and other internet service providers. The program promises to be very flexible in terms of pricing even for small web hosting companies and internet service providers.

Here is how they are commenting own partner program:
“SpamTitan has an extensive partnership network to facilitate both the technical development of our products and the continued growth of our sales channels. We are always interested in speaking with companies who feel a partnership in either of these areas would be of mutual benefit.”

Other details on the SpamTitan On-Demand solution is available on their website.

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