GoDaddy Web Hosting Experienced Outage Due To Software Update

GoDaddy Web Hosting Experienced Outage Due To Software Update

GoDaddy Web Hosting Experienced Outage Due To Software Update – 2011-06-15 – One of the biggest web hosting providers and domain registrars Go Daddy experienced an outage on its website Monday after software update. According to a report, Go Daddy did software update and for some reason it went wrong. As result it cause noticeable website downtime.

This downtime comes a week after Go Daddy announced it now protects over than 500,000 web sites with its unique SSL certificates and other affordable security solution.

Turning back to this accident, Go Daddy’s home page was completely offline for approximately 3 hours on Monday evening though visitors were redirected to a mobile version of the site that was available and worked fine.

“We made some changes to our website, and those updates failed,” Neil Warner, chief information officer for Go Daddy said in a statement. “As a result, Go went down. No customer account information was compromised. This was not an attack on Go Daddy servers. We caused the issue, not someone else.”

The report says that the mobile version of Go Daddy website allowed users to continue to manage domain names, accounts and all transactions. So, despite the issue which happened due to software update, Go Daddy web hosting service continued to provide customers with minimal set of necessary functions to manage accounts, prolong domains and web hosting service. And that’s definitely good sign.

Go Daddy web hosting providers and domain registrar apologized for the length of the outage, saying it was longer than it was expected.

“My team is investigating what went wrong with our site update process so we can avoid an issue like this in the future,” Warner stated.

Also few days ago, Go Daddy announced it was expanding its team at its Iowa primary customer service center by 300 employees.

Summarize on Go Daddy web hosting and domain registrar company:
Go Daddy – the world’s largest ICANN accredited registrar of domain names. Go Daddy group supports more than 34 million domain names in the major domain areas of the first level, including the COM, ORG, NET, BIZ, INFO.

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