TeleHouse Web Hosting, Opens New Cloud Hosting Oriented Data Center In Hong Kong

TeleHouse Opens New Cloud Hosting Oriented Data Center In Hong Kong

TeleHouse Web Hosting, Opens New Cloud Hosting Oriented Data Center In Hong Kong – 2011-06-14 – Worldwide web hosting provider and data center operator TeleHouse America announced its information on company self development and further expanding into China’s market. TeleHouse company launching new 118,000 square foot first class data center facility in Hong Kong, China.

Scheduled to start service providing in 4 quarter of 2011, this new data center facility offers premier carrier neutral data center services oriented on cloud hosting.

New TeleHouse Hong Kong data center will be the 42nd data center in the TeleHouse general portfolio. Last July, the company launched a data center in Shanghai, China.

The announcement also states that TeleHouse web hosting company is going to launch third data center this year in Istanbul and Manhattan.

Turning back to primary news, Hong Kong data center will be the first TeleHouse Cloud oriented Computing Complex in Asia.
TeleHouse Hong Kong data center will provide excellent regional routing across most Asian territories, including India and Pakistan.

Built near Tseung Kwan district, TeleHouse Hong Kong data center, a neighbor to the biggest Hong Kong Stock Exchange data center, offers excellent connectivity capacity from major local cable landing stations.

Cloud hosting in China is a relatively untapped market at the moment, giving to all hosting providers an unique opportunity to expand their data center footprint throughout the country to support these services. Experts provided forecast that the data center market will reach around $1.5 billion by 2013 year.

Here is what Noriyuki Kita, vice president of TeleHouse web hosting said:
“This premier facility in Hong Kong will be the first TeleHouse data center to target the cloud computing industry. TeleHouse seeks to meet marketplace demands, which in this case, targets the popularity and accelerated growth of cloud computing due to its reduced costs and capacity to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes. TeleHouse has responded directly to increasing demand in the Asian market from corporations moving their businesses’ IT needs to cloud platforms with a trusted, experienced global carrier-neutral colocation provider.”

TeleHouse web hosting has rich experience in design of data centers. And new TeleHouse Hong Kong data center facility meets the “Telehouse Global Facility and Operations Standards”.

Data center facility is well equipped in terms of security, including 24-hour security guards and authorized access, high perimeter walled site, security cameras everywhere, IC cards, and an advanced authentication system.

The new TeleHouse data center is the result of close cooperation with KDDI company, who made around 50 percent of investments and is going to manage TeleHouse data center.

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