ResellerClub Web Hosting And Domain Registrar Opens New Markets

ResellerClub Web Hosting And Domain Registrar Opens New Markets

ResellerClub Web Hosting And Domain Registrar Opens New Markets – 2011-06-13 – ResellerClub popular domain registrar and web hosting service provider announced on Friday its plans to start providing fully customized variants of its unique Reseller Program for 8 most attractive and major Domain Markets around the whole world.

Over the past several years ResellerClub company has launched a stand alone programs for the Chinese domain market and more recently for the Russian domain market and is on track to setup its presence in 8 domain markets by the end of this Quarter.

According to ReselletClub’s CEO, Bhavin Turakhia, “While our system is popular in over 230 countries worldwide, we realized that Resellers prefer complete localization – be it local currency transactions, local payment options, local language interfaces or dealing with local staff. Our latest focus is to provide them with just that.”

ResellerClub’s local Russian program provides a Russian version of website, Russian control interfaces for administrator and front-end and Russian Rubles as the default transaction currency. It is driven with help and assistance of sales & support by Russian staff.

“We’re essentially making it as easy as possible for Resellers to join and use our system. Our Chinese program proved to be a great success and expanding to key markets like Russia, UK, Spain and Germany was the next natural step,” added Mr. Shridhar Luthria, Director of Marketing and company Business Development.

In the near future ResellerClub plans on launching fully customized domain reseller programs for the UK, India, Spain, Germany, Brazil and Portugal.

About ResellerClub Web Hosting and Domain registrar:
ResellerClub is a part of DirectI corporation. ReselleClub provides web hosting services, domain registration and several other web related products. ResellerClub is ICANN-accredited registrar which provides domain registration for over 60 domain zones. Today company has over 600 employees worldwide and known as one of the biggest players on domain market which continue to expand and enter new markets over the planet.

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