SoftLayer Web Hosting Implemented Ksplice To Avoid Reboots

SoftLayer implemented Ksplice to avoid reboots

SoftLayer Web Hosting Implemented Ksplice To Avoid Reboots – 2011-06-09 – One of the leading US based web hosting companies SoftLayer informed about implementation of the Ksplice software. Ksplice is Linux OS add-on, which allows to install OS patches without rebooting the server. Its very important improvement for web servers when even few minutes of downtime could cost too much. So, from day to day more and more web hosting companies are implementing this unique software for their web servers.

According to press release, SoftLayer implemented Ksplice software for both its dedicated servers and Cloud hosting infrastructure. Such improvement allow to update OS without rebooting. All new customers can select Ksplice software solution along with order. Existing clients are able to request Ksplice through their control panel.

Here is what chief scientist of SoftLayer said about this improvement:
“We’re excited to offer customers the advantages that Ksplice provides for managing their Linux systems. Now, there is no need to delay updates to maximize uptime on your production environments. You don’t even have to reboot to set Ksplice up the first time.”

As one of the market leaders SoftLayer seeks to apply all improvements ahead the competitors. And same happened with Ksplice software. Not much big web hosting companies did that.

Turning back to Ksplice software, we can summarize following information.

Ksplice provides OS prebuilt and tested updates for the Red Hat, Cent OS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora Linux distributions.

It use following scheme. Ksplice application collects Linux updates from the major vendors such as Fedora and converts them into rebootless updates, then publishes them to its Uptrack servers to be downloaded and installed by servers running the OS add-on. The virtualization technologies such as OpenVZ and Virtuozzo are also supported.

Updates for Ubuntu and Fedora OS are provided with no charge, whereas other platforms are offered on paid basis.

3 month ago, Ksplice and Parallels announced that they had partnered to improve Ksplice software and distribute it over web hosting providers.

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