Go Daddy Web Hosting Issued Over 500,000 SSL Certificates

Go Daddy Web Hosting Issued Over 500,000 SSL Certificates

Go Daddy Web Hosting Issued Over 500,000 SSL Certificates

Greatresponder.com – 2011-06-08 – Go Daddy one of the biggest domain registrar and Web hosting company that also sells SSL certificates and other products announced on Monday that it now protects over 500,000 websites with its branded SSL certificates.


According to the press release, Go Daddy was top SSL provider during May. During May Go Daddy company sold over branded SSL certificates 13,000.

Go Daddy provides various SSL certificates with different specs including digital seal. Additionally Go Daddy has serious advantage comparing to other SSL providers.

Go Daddy SSL certificates comes with unlimited server license. It means that companies can purchase a single certificate for their entire infrastructure. As result it could save some money.

All of Go Daddy’s SSL certificates provide visitors to a website visual assurance through the https prefix and padlock icon on a browser. EV SSL certificates also provide a green address bar.

Additionally it worth to note, that last week domain registry .CO Internet announced that Go Daddy had registered the one millionth .CO domain.

Commenting company achievement, Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons said:
“While it is significant that Go Daddy has issued more than a half-million SSL certificates, there are still too many people being ‘taken to the cleaners’ by other providers who charge their ridiculously high prices. In this economy, businesses need to be looking for the best possible value. Think about it, Go Daddy customers receive an identical SSL product as competitors, but with outstanding customer service and for up to 15 times less the cost … now that can make a difference.”

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