FireHost Web Hosting Adds SSD And Load Balancing To Cloud Hosting

FireHost Web Hosting Adds SSD and Load Balancing to Cloud Hosting

FireHost Web Hosting Adds SSD and Load Balancing to Cloud Hosting – 2011-06-08 – Web hosting company FireHost installed new solid drive storage and virtual load balancing designed for secure cloud environments.

Since the beginning of April, FireHost web hosting launched its PCI DSS compliant secure public cloud.

Referring to the press release, the new cloud enhancements deliver better performance, shorter load times and increase reliability.

FireHost says that new drives enable faster server performance and increased performance of the entire Web application. The new SSDs also provides better I/O rates and access times to traditional SATA and SAS disk-based systems.

FireHost use Zeus technology in its public cloud.

Here is how Kosten Metreweli, chief strategy officer at Zeus commenting new enhancements of FireHost:

“We admire companies like FireHost who see how important performance and control are to their end users. By implementing our solutions into their public cloud offering, FireHost is showing that it’s serious about delivering a premium cloud hosting service, and is committed to giving customers control options that put them in the driver’s seat. We’re excited to be FireHost’s vendor of choice for Virtual Load Balancers.”

FireHost says its virtual load balancers are equipped with 1GB ram, 1 single core processor and 10GB hard drive, but are scalable, so customers can manage any virtual load balancer instance.

Month ago, data recovery company 24 Hour Data announced that it had successfully recovered managed hosting provider FireHost’s data after the company experienced RAID server failure. Prior to this, FireHost moved to a new security-focused office space.

FireHost offering web hosting service since 2006 and known as one of the most reliable company in terms of data storage security.

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