HostWay Web Hosting Company Renews Lease

HostWay web hosting

HostWay web hosting – 2011-06-04 – One of the biggest player on the hosting market, a HostWay web hosting company has signed a new long term renewal lease for 52,660 square feet at the Boeing Building, located in downtown of Chicago.


The HostWay company lease this Boeing bilding since 2006 and seems pretty happy with it. Located directly in heart of downtown Chicago, this Boeing skyscraper contains over 1 million square feet of quality office space.

HostWay manage its own datacenter with network infrastructure and that’s all located in this Boeing building. Data center has over seven dedicated electrical feeds. HostWay data center is powered by five different substations and connected to multiple transfer switches. Overall it has 1,500 kVA of uninterruptible power supply.

HostWay facility is also fully equiped with all features in terms of security. Data center equiped with 24-hour live closed circuit TV monitoring, biometric access control, redundant power supplies, multiple HVAC systems, disaster recovery and geographic load balancing system.

data center capacity allows to provide colocation for over 17,000 servers. HostWay datacenters connected with Level 3, Telia and MCI. Today this data center known as one of the biggest facility in downtown of Chicago.

HostWay known as one of the industry pioneers that provides various hosting solutions to fit needs of any business.

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