BrightHost web hosting expanding its business to Hong Kong – 2011-06-01 – Australia-based web hosting provider BrightHost announced on Tuesday that it is expanding to Hong Kong by deploying its cloud offering within an Equinix ( data center.


BrightHost web hosting

BrightHost web hosting expanding its business to Hong Kong

Referring to the press release, BrightHost will offer its managed private cloud solutions geographically based in Equinix’s Hong Kong data center.
Equinix is known as company that covers different geographical regions and has datacenters in North America, Asia and Europe. Its one of the biggest player on market in hosting and network industry.

Such expanding of BrightHost to Equinix Hong Kong datacenter gives company ability to cover two huge markets for cloud services, Asian and Australian markets.

With a foothold in Hong Kong and Australia, BrightHost is covering two huge markets for cloud services. A recent study says Australia leads the adoption of cloud computing in Asia Pacific with 43 percent of enterprises using cloud infrastructures in some capacity.
We just want to note that cloud hosting becoming more popular from day to day and new companies are trying to expand its business by offering cloud hosting service.

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