Apple is going to build Cloud hosting Service

Apple confirmed their plans about Cloud hosting Service

Apple cloud hosting

Apple cloud hosting – 2011-05-31 – Apple confirms plans to develop its own cloud computing infrastructure. Not much information available about the technical nuances and date when they are planning to start this building, nevertheless we were lucky to approve next information which shows Apple upcoming plans.

From geographical point apple planning to build cloud hosting infrastructure in USA, North Carolina state. Most likely it will be massive, 500,000 square-foot data center.

It has also been confirmed that Apple prepared domain for the service.

The new iCloud service is rumored to let users upload and access their music and other media files on the company’s servers. From the users point of view, it would mean, that is no longer needed to upload music or media files onto the hard drive of each device. As results it will be more convenient to use Apple devices.

Unfortunately other details such as pricing and structure of cloud hosting services is still unknown.

Additionally there is a sense to admit that In the past month, Google and Amazon launched their own cloud-based music streaming services titled Music Beta by Google and Amazon Cloud Drive, respectively. So, it seems that Apple does not want to be the last.

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