VEXXHOST Web Hosting Announces Its New Cloud Hosting Platform – 2011-04-01 – VEXXHOST.COM a web hosting provider announces on their blog today that they developed a totally new cloud hosting platform. The new platform uses the real clouds (clouds in the sky) to host the cloud servers and they are using a 16 satellites all over the world to maintain connectivity with the sky clouds system. They also said the idea of this new cloud hosting came when they saw a video about how NASA developed a cloud that do rain.

The only question that we have in our mind is how the system will work on a shinny day with clear sky having no clouds on it. do they develop the cloud or using the existing once?

They also announce how good this cloud system is, and how redundant it is, the system has CPU, RAM, Disk Space and network redundancy. they said that their system is more advanced and way better than most of the cloud systems provided by other suppliers.

To get the full story of this breaking news, visit VEXXHOST blog post at

This will be really a great system if it is not April fools. Lets wait for VEXXHOST.COM developers to bring us exciting news like this April fools story.

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