VEXXHOST Web Hosting Now Offers Ruby on Rails 3 in cPanel – 2011-03-26VEXXHOST Web Hosting Provider is extremely pleased and proud to announce the launch of it’s new and latest upcoming feature, Ruby on Rails 3 support which was undergoing compatibility testing for the past weeks. New and current clients of VEXXHOST can now run any Rails 3 applications by creating them from their cPanel control panel with plans starting at $3.99

Founded in 2006, VEXXHOST has been providing it’s clients with linux web hosting and reseller web hosting services with excellent uptime. As a renowned innovator for bringing the latest technologies to shared hosting, Rails 3 is the latest feature to come in which is not offered with any other cPanel web host.

In a regular cPanel environment, the backend that serves Rails content is Mongrel, however, the Mongrel project currently does not support any Rails 3 application because it has been ported over to become a Rack application. VEXXHOST utilizes one of the most powerful and efficient Ruby on Rails back-end which is Passenger, in order to serve it’s Rails content.

For more information about how to get started on hosting your Ruby on Rails application, you can visit at