Model N chooses Layered Tech as Web Hosting Provider

Layered Technologies, Inc.

Layered Technologies, Inc. – Model N announces its selection of Layered Tech Web Hosting for support to their Revenue Management Cloud (RM Cloud), a SaaS-based Revenue Management Applications. Layered Tech will provide a high secured and customized virtual environment using a VMware environment.

Model N is a known pioneer of Revenue Management. With its growth in the year 1999, it already has drawn in some of the leading pharmaceutical, biotech industry and medical devices. Model N allows these companies to enhance their overall process of contract development, pricing, trade settlements and channel incentives. Presently, the headquarters of Model N is located in Redwood Shores, CA and has sales offices in Princeton, NJ, Boston, MA and Chicago, IL.

Richard Yu, Vice President of Cloud Computing at Model N states that “When we began our search for a cloud provider, we knew it was important for us to partner with a vendor who could provide flexibility with their private-cloud offerings, and after meeting with Layered Tech’s extremely skilled team, it was clear that they had the right mix of expertise, capability, and customer service to meet our needs. In addition, we outlined very stringent requirements, especially for protecting our customers’ sensitive data, and Layered Tech showed us that they could deliver.

Clients of Model N will have an easy access anytime and anywhere to its solutions at the same time minimizing costs. Layered Tech will also deliver best security and certification as well as robust managed services.

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