Layered Tech Web Hosting Provides Additional Data Center Transport and Increased Network Connectivity

Layered Technologies, Inc.

Layered Technologies, Inc. – Layered Technologies Inc. or the Layered Tech announces its increase in its network connectivity while also improving bandwidth in the data center located in Kansas City, MO. The connectivity increase will be incurred by the Kansas City, Dallas and Chicago facilities.

To date, Layered Tech is one of the top providers of excellent web hosting. It is widely known due to its excellent complaint hosting, on-demand virtualization or cloud computing service and managed dedicated hosting. Aside from its facilities in Kansas City, Dallas and Chicago, Layered Tech has data centers located all over the world including Santa Clara California, London, Amsterdam and Tokyo.

Layered Tech will add 10G circuits between its Kansas City, Dallas and Chicago data centers. This will further strengthen the reliable facility of Layered Tech and enable it to meet variable and growing customer demands. The 10G transit circuits will be able to comply with the top security standards and to support complaint hosting.

Level 3 Communications, a top worldwide provider of fiber-based communications services, will be delivering the transport and Internet connectivity to the data center in Kansas City. The data center in Kansas City supports the operational protocols that tackle the most rigid industry standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA and SAS 70. It highlights physical security capabilities, world-class power management, fire suppression and precision HVAC.

Layered Tech CEO Jack Finlayson says, “Our ongoing facility and network investments give our outstanding data center and technology teams even more tools with which to create significant value for customers,”

“In particular, our growing base of enterprise customers are attracted to our geographic reach, and that value proposition is now even stronger due to the increased connectivity between our wholly owned Kansas City data center and our facilities in Dallas and Chicago.” Finlayson added.

The increase in the network connectivity and the additional bandwidth will be able to supply variable and growing needs of the customers for a more secured data sharing between locations, continued business services and heightens their solutions for disaster recovery.

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