announces the Ten Best Web Hosting Companies for February 2011

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best web design Agencies – 2011-02-23 -Best Web Design Agencies names the Top 10 Best Web Hosting Firms for February 2011. Out of the great range of web hosting companies, only ten of the best are identified by the best web designs Agencies supplying the best to their customers in this month of February 2011.

All qualified web hosting services have been through an intensive evaluation coordinated with experienced team of researchers. Part of their evaluation is to ask three clients of the different companies based on the performance and efficiency in generating services. Some of the questions would include rating the overall experience, Roi achieved at what time frame, quick in receiving response to client’s queries and concerns and the number of times the website experienced downtime because of the host.

Based on Best Web Designs Agencies criteria, the Top 10 Web Hosting Companies for February 2011 are:

2. Layered Tech
3. Rackspace Ltd.
4. AT&T Web Hosting
5. The Planet Inc.
6. DataPipe
7. PEER 1
8. Hostway Corporation
9. SoftLayer Technologies, Inc.

Jeev Trika, Managing Partner of best web design Agencies, claims that not all web hosting companies can perform based on standards. Website owners need to identify more which web hosting provider can give them justice to their website.

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