SC Magazine Awards announces Go Daddy as Best Security Team

SC Magazine Awards announces Go Daddy as Best Security Team

GoDaddy – 2011-02-22 – The 14th annual SC Magazine Awards announces its winner for best security team and this year goes to Go Daddy IT Security Team.

Go Daddy has been widely known as one of the top Web Host providers all over the world. Yet, more to this excellent title is the internal hardworking team of IT Security that blocks more than 100 million attacks in each day. Go Daddy IT Security Team was regarded as the best in ensuring people’s safety in the Internet.

For six years, Go Daddy has been continually increasing its internal manpower from one single person to more than fifty people working hard behind the powerful Web Host provider. More than 46 million domain names and more than 8.8 million customers are under its protective management, making Go Daddy as the primary DNS in almost one third of the Internet.

Go Daddy IT Security Team works 24/7 for network and security operations, monitoring the entire scope of Go Daddy’s system as well as detecting and eliminating any forms of attack.

The “Hackfest” event of Go Daddy is one key factor for the success of their IT Security team. The entire team collaborates with the other developers inside Go Daddy, seeking and monitoring product vulnerabilities and allowing familiarization of the whole security procedures.

Furthermore, Go Daddy implements an advanced tool called the SIM (Security Information Management), which basically allows the entire system of Go Daddy to be secured even before an attack is detected.

Bob Parsons, CEO and Found of Go Daddy, claims that millions of people all over the world are relying on Go Daddy for enhancing their businesses and increasing Web presence. It is indeed such an honor for the SC Magazine to present such award to Go Daddy IT Security Team.

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