Web Hosting Provider, HostGator And LogicBoxes Partnership

GreatResponder.com – 2010-11-11 – LogicBoxes a registrar software firm announced that HostGator reseller hosting provider will uses its registrar back-end to start its registrar service.

HostGator is offering reseller hosting services since 2002. So taking this step is an important move as it already control about 1.3 million (according to stats by DomainTools) domain namess on their nameservers,.

HostGator is now not another company reseller and their states now are considered as legitimate register by using LogicBoxes registrar back-end that successfully helped HostGator transition into a registrar with ease and without dealing with corresponding increase in technical hassles and regulatory.

Till now HostGator has ICANN accreditation as a partnership with eNom domain registrar that lets HostGator to register domains names but only as a reseller.

By becoming a registrar, Hostgator will have a superior direct control over their domains operations. This will build its brand much better, and can afford their customers a much better pricing on domain registrations.

LogicBoxes offers over fifty top level domains and hosts well over 75 ICANN registrars.

HostGator has also announced that this migration will have no impact on its existing resellers and customers.

It is expected that in early 2011, HostGator’s will become a full registrar rather than a reseller.

“The LogicBoxes registrar automation platform allowed us to avoid having to ‘reinvent the wheel’, so to speak,” says Brent Oxley, founder and chairman of Hostgator. “We realized that we’d have far greater ROI on our development resources by engaging them in perfecting our core products, viz. Hosting, rather than having them build registry connections and manage all of its related tasks.”

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