Hosting Controller a Web Hosting Automation Solution Provider Incorporate CloudLinux in Their Control Panels – 2010-10-07 – Automation development solutions provider Hosting Controller has announced that it’s going to incorporate the CloudLinux operating system into its Web hosting control panels HC8 and HCnixIn as an attempt to improve its clients’ stability, density and also performance.

Hosting Controller

“We are very excited that Hosting Controller will make CloudLinux available in both its HC8 and HCnix offerings to provide their customers with the most innovative hosting control panel experience,” Cloud Linux founder and chief executive officer Igor Seletskiy said in a statement. “CloudLinux will allow administrators using Hosting Controller to control usage of the resources on a server at the tenant or application level and leverage SecureLVE which virtualizes a filesystem to limit the available applications, devices, and what a user can see in the file system and make it harder for an attacker to penetrate the server.”

CloudLinux programs developer announced that its CloudLinux operating system is commercially supported and optimized for Web hosting providers and data center operators, providing an alternative to the operating systems presently supported by Hosting Controller, which include Ubuntu, SuSE, Debian, Fedora, CentOS and Redhat Enterprise Linux.

“Supporting CloudLinux in our products is a big win for our customers,” Hosting Controller business development vice president Babar Zaman stated. “We have always been a leading innovator to the hosting community and supporting CloudLinux is another way we deliver the cutting edge latest technology to our users.”

Hosting Controller provides two control panel. HCnix and HC8. HCnix is mostly a Linux-based Web hosting automation control panel to lets Web hosting services run multiple Web, email, database and DNS web servers on different GNU/Linux flavors in the cluster through just one interface. HC8 is an entire Web hosting automation control panel designed to reduce Web hosts’ operational expenses, run all their servers together Windows & Linux through a central interface, and provides them infinite web hosting possibilities from a clustered environment. Specially made for a distributed server environment.

Hosting Controller also announced that they chose CloudLinux due to its added safety for web hosting clients through the innovative SecureLVE feature, which offers a virtualized file system that separates every user on the server into its own environment, stopping one client from seeing another users on the server, and making it difficult for hackers to attack, deface, or steal data from the shared Web server. Moreover its Lightweight Virtual Environment technology, that enables web hosting services to offer bigger density and stability in shared webhosting and multi-tenant environments.

CloudLinux offers benefits to Hosting Controller clients for instance the ability to allocate resources to individual server tenants effectively, effortless deployment and management, Improved control over traditional OS and Impressive lightweight and transparent LVE technology that raises system stability and performance.

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