PowerDNN Web Hosting Provider And SmarterTools, Inc. Renews Their Partnership

Greatresponder.com – 2010-10-06 – DotNetNuke web hosting service PowerDNN is renewing its partnership with SmarterTools Inc. so it could actually continue to offer the company’s software to PowerDNN’s Web hosting customers.

With this conditions for the partnership, PowerDNN will offer the SmarterBundle software suite to fit dedicated hosting customers at no extra prices. Valued at $800, the SmarterBundle contains specialized editions of SmarterMail 7.x, SmarterTrack 5.x, and SmarterStats 5.x.

“SmarterTools builds the best-in-class products that any Web hosting provider have to offer to be competitive in today’s marketplace,” said Tony Valenti, founder and CTO of PowerDNN. “The combination of DotNetNuke hosting with SmarterTools software gives our customers everything they need to run the online portion of their business.”

Valenti as well noted that prior to PowerDNN customers started accessing SmarterMail, e-mail was the premium concern handled by its client support team. Once SmarterMail was applied, calls related to e-mail troubles dropped by over ninety  percent.

“We are very pleased to provide the SmarterTools software bundle to our clients,” said Valenti. “We look forward to implementing the enhancements that SmarterTools offers so our customers can keep improving their websites as well.”

About PowerDNN
Founded in 2004, PowerDNN is the total circle DotNetNuke DNN web hosting service, providing companies starting from small businesses to Fortune 500 Firms to the federal government. Specializing in high-reliability business-critical DotNetNuke services, PowerDNN will be the clear option of technology and business specialists who require exceptional support service and also enterprise engineering technical support for DotNetNuke. Extra news and details about this company is offered at powerdnn.com. PowerDNN is the first web hosting brand for Perigon Networks, Inc. of Bellevue, NE.

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