Three Months Free Web Hosting Offer – 2010-07-25 – Easyspace Web Hosting and Domain Names providers in the UK, has announced the launch of a three months free web hosting promotion designed to provide customers with an increased benefit from their new hosting packages.

Web Hosting is a natural add on to any domain name purchase and is often the first stop for people looking for somewhere to host their website, particularly when a Dedicated or Virtual Server option is deemed too expensive.

“A lot of our attention in recent times has been on providing fantastic value for money offers across our range of domain name extensions. We now want customers, who want to add web hosting to their account, to benefit from a similar value for money option.” comments Sarah Haran, Managing Director at Easyspace.

Having provided high quality Web Hosting solutions for ten years, Easyspace is now offering three months free on all Web Hosting packages sold until the end of August 2010. Unlike similar offers by other providers in recent times, Easyspace are not simply discounting the price to be the equivalent of giving away three months free. Rather, all Web Hosting packages purchased up until the end of August will be provisioned for fifteen months rather than twelve, meaning you really do get three months free.

“The free 3 months is added to all web hosting packages by default, meaning there is no opting in required. New and existing customers simply have to purchase hosting as they normally would and they’ll find they receive a fifteen month contract rather than twelve month at no extra cost.”

Easyspace web hosting is perhaps best known in recent times for its highly innovative and cheap web hosting solution, Pic N Mix, launched to make the process of buying web hosting far more simple and flexible.

Sarah continued, “Pic N Mix is revolutionary, yet simple, in its purpose and usability. Allowing customers to choose the features of their hosting package allows them full control over the price they pay. Essentially it allows customers to pay only for what they need and not for features they won’t use. Now, with the 3 month free offer, Pic N Mix customers would benefit from fifteen months of hosting for an equivalent price of under £2 per month.”

Rather than the standard process of choosing a static pre-built package, Pic N Mix Web Hosting allows customers to choose volumes on a variety of features including number of mailboxes and disk space, as well as having the option of choosing Operating System and number of databases. Pic N Mix customers can also choose from seven popular domain extensions for the free domain included in each package.

The three Months Free offer launched by Easyspace is available on all Shared Web Hosting packages and runs until the end of August. It is open to both new and existing customers looking to purchase a new Web Hosting package.

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