Dotster Domain Registrar and Web Hosting Provider Offering Landrush Phase to Claim .CO Domains

Dotster, Inc., an  ICANN-accredited domain registrar and web hosting provider, is offering now .CO domains on the Landrush phase for priority registration until July sixteenth prior to it gets generally offered. In case multi applications are received for a similar domain, an auction procedure is going to be used to grant the domain name.

“We anticipate a high demand for .CO domains during the Landrush phase,” said Clint Page, CEO and President for Dotster. “Businesses and individuals who are currently unable to find their perfect domain name in the.COM inventory now have a chance to secure the name they have always wanted with .CO before it becomes available to the public.”

When this Landrush and Global Sunrise phases are complete, .CO domain names will become available to anyone worldwide on July twentieth. For that domain names that weren’t reserved by .CO registry or earmarked for premium auctions, .CO domain names is going to be available to the public according to the chronological order of registrations on a first come, first served basis.

To benefit from this chance and get your .CO domain name during this Landrush phase, visit Dotster

About Dotster Inc.
Dotster is a hosting provider and a domain registrar that makes it simple for small companies and persons to establish themselves on the internet. They have assisted as much as a million people create a Internet presence. Dotster hosting provider, an ICAAN accredited registrar since 2000, provides its clients an entire set of services, including domain name registration, many different web site hosting solutions, email webhosting, customized web site design and also internet marketing plans.

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