New Three-Tiered Channel Program By The Planet Web Hosting Provider

The Planet web hosting firm has introduced its brand new “Partner Plus” plan, presenting industry-leading payment rates plus an entrée to an entrance having a variety of marketing and sales tools.

“As other hosting companies and colocation providers are cutting back their programs, The Planet is making significant investments in Partner Plus to build indirect sales and leverage the power of the channel to expand our market reach,” The Planet global sales vice president Tom Blair said in a statement. “Today marks a strategic expansion in our already-successful partner program.”

The Planet “Partner Plus” plan includes three aspect of partner models intended to fit most of business needs of its clients: Reseller Partners, Referral  Partners as well as Affiliates.

Reseller Partners buy services and products to resell to clients, using The Planet’s buying strength, by means of volume-based server discount.

Referral Partners make up to 20 % commissions with deal size and the total business referred to The Planet.

Lastly, the Affiliate class offer clients who link customers or website visitors to The Planet 100 percent of a referred customer’s first month’s bill.

The Planet opened its entire product portfolio to partners earlier this year, letting them earn commissions or server discounts on one of the broadest portfolios of products and services in the industry, including colocation, advanced services and dedicated hosting, all the way to fully managed hosting, virtualization and cloud services.

Blair concluded, “We set about to reshape the partner landscape, with the most lucrative and creative program in the industry, backed by a dream team of sales, technical and support personnel committed to partners’ success. I’ve been in the industry for more than 25 years, and this is the program I’ve always envisioned being able to offer.”

Tenko Nikolov, chief executive officer of web host and The Planet partner SiteGround ( said its global customer base relies on the most cutting-edge reliability and connectivity solutions to operate their businesses. “Our business continues to grow, as does our relationship with The Planet,” Nikolov said in a statement. “Their commitment to customer support and attention to our requirements makes them an ideal partner for our company, and those are among the reasons we work with The Planet.”