cPanel PHP configuration manager from VEXXHOST Web Hosting

Vexxhost web hosting Provider announced on Thursday a modified version of their famous PHP configuration manager. The new script was built on AJAX technologies to get the configuration instantly from the servers using JSON

The PHP configuration feature, which was built exclusively to vexxhost web hosting clients who use the shared web hosting or reseller web hosting services, this feature allow them to modify any PHP settings, enable or disable modules such as Zend, IonCube, FFMPEG-PHP or phpShield. This allowed vexxhost clients to configure their websites instantly without having to go through the mess of going through php.ini files.

A spokesman from VEXXHOST said “After hours and hours of designing and implementation, we are pleased to finally announce our new PHP configuration utility. Most of our clients found our previous PHP configuration utility to be very helpful and useful. However, the user interface was not very user friendly and it was hard to understand.” he also added “We have listened to all of our customer’s suggestions and now we have implemented the new system in all of our servers, as you may see, it’s a two-step process that happens all on one page. First of all, you select the directory to be configured from the left of the page, after you have selected the directory; all you do is click “Configure”. The system will contact our servers and verify your settings, and then it will display it for you, you may make any modifications you want and after you’re done, you click “Rebuild configuration” at the end of the page.”

The new system is now very easy to use comparing to the previous one specially in pointing to directory because a drop down menu was not very user intuitive and not easy to understand, the new structured directory listing will help clear this up even more and not having to refresh the page every time you select a directory which will save bandwidth as well as make everything load faster.

VEXXHOST add those new features and make clients enjoy their high quality web hosting, which is also in the catagry of affordable web hosting. They introduced more features on their services without raising the low prices. They also recently upgraded all of their hardware to latest Xeon CPUs, upgrading RAM and ensuring most of the servers have plenty of it at all times, implementation of RAID systems to ensure redundancy and speed, being one of the first in the industry to add R1soft CDP backup features, the recent introduction of their SiteBuilder, and another vexxhost web hosting client exclusive, InstantVideo Installer.