Dedicated Servers Holidays Special by Vexxhost Web Hosting

VEXXHOST Web Hosting announced an unprecedented special offer on one of its popular dedicated web hosting plans.  This holiday special that offers top-end server hardware on a premium network is priced at only $149.99 per month with no setup fees, these servers were originally priced at $300.00 per month with $99.00 setup fee.

These dedicated servers come with Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2.67Ghz CPUs, include 2GB of RAM that can be expanded up to 8GB and one hot-swappable 500GB SATA HDD with 3 extra hot-swap bays and the ability to use software or hardware RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 & RAID 10.  1500 GB of data transfer per month on their premium fully redundant network is included plus a free remote reboot port that allows you to restart servers within seconds without the need to contact anyone at their NOC, value of $30 per month.

These dedicated servers are all located in their tier-1 premium facility in downtown Montreal; they operate their own private datacenter space.   The datacenter is known for its top security, air-conditioning and redundant electric power backed up by a big array of UPS’s and generators.  This added to their premium networked backed up by the internet’s top provider such as SAVVIS (Public, NASDAQ:SVVS), Cogent (Public, NASDAQ:CCOI), NLayer and Teleglobe.

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