25% off all Xen VPS web hosting plans from VEXXHOST.COM

VEXXHOST Web Hosting announced a 25% discount for its entire VPS web hosting plans. All the virtual servers are using Xen virtualization technology backed up with full hardware and network redundancy with an affordable prices staring from $24.72/month.

All the physical servers that host these virtual servers are located in their premium Data center located in the heart of Montreal downtown, Canada connected to VEXXHOST premium redundant network which is connected to the Internet by four global Internet providers for perfect redundancy also they are using the best network hardware possible such as Cisco routers and switched for 100% network availability.

The physical servers that host the VPS’s also use hardware RAID 10 for data performance and redundancy. Quad core Xeon processors and a minimum of 16 GB RAM.

All VPS physical servers are equipped with dual power supply, datacenter has a redundant electric power supply systems using UPS’s, electric power generators and the national power grid which make the availability of power supply approach to 100%.

The benefit of using Xen VPS web hosting is that all clients are having their own dedicated RAM, disk space & bandwidth. Also Xen VPS web hosting is different than any other method of virtualization as it gives customers complete access with full resources, also Xen VPS isolate every individual VPS and has its own kernel which protect VPS’s from crashes if one of the VPS’s in the same server  crashes .

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