Web Hosting Custom PHP configuration (php.ini, .htaccess) using cPanel by VEXXHOST

VEXXHOST web hosting PHP configuration feature is quite unique and only handy to vexxhost’s clients. It has been programed by vexxhos’s programmers and checked for ages till it was deployed. It built of multiple features that help modifying PHP settings very user friendly and easier than with any other web-hosting company, hence, using nearly no time from clients.

VEXXHOST web hosting has kept their timely feature where clients could change their own PHP version; clients can now either stay with the system default of PHP version that depends on the main server settings that can be either PHP4 or PHP5, or customers can drag using a specific PHP version such as PHP4 or PHP5 for clients accounts. This is a feature that all other web host companies have right now but VEXXHOST web hosting programmed it and modifyed it to be better than any other company.

VEXXHOST web hosting have also added a nice feature to activate/deactivate any modules from the clients PHP install on the fly also change any configuration; clients can now modify custom configurations on certin directories also the power to set it so that the configuration is also recursively enabled to directories under it. Many modules could be activated from security modules such as IonCube, PHPshield & Zend Optimizer to FFMPEG-PHP.

All PHP confiuration can be edited from that webpage by each directory specifically, familiar variables like register_globals that are very script dependent and upload_max_filesize that usually requires to be raised for special FFMPEG web hosting sites. This makes editing PHP configurations very easy compared to any other web hosting company.

With regular web-hosting companies, clients want to either apply some changes (or create) a php.ini file in a certain folder or make changes to the .htaccess folder, as that sounds very easy to do, it is a time consuming for clients who need to get their websites up as soon as possible, which is why VEXXHOST web hosting service is good for clients as modifying settings is as easy as changing a text field and pushing a button rather than having to fiddle with files and configuration lines.

This methode is really unique and has been programmed by VEXXHOST’s own staff, now, no other hosting firm has a PHP configuration program as powerful as VEXXHOST shared web hosting and that allow clients to make the very high configuration modification while at the same time being very easy and friendly by customers that does not need to get involved with plenty of configuration variables.

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