Host Color web hosting provider announced a 25% discount on its web hosting services

Host Color web hosting provider team announced at least a 25% discount rebate to all of its customers, they said, while other web hosting providers increases their prices because of the financial crises, they are decreasing the prices to make it more easier to their clients.

The promotional code “THANKYOU2008” which will expire on November 30, 2008 will give an instant discount to existing and new customers on any web hosting plan. This code will lower the shared web hosting plan to $26.91 per year ( $2.24 per month). The CMS Web Hosting Plan will cost only $44.91/year ($3.74 per month).

Speaking about virtual private server, the effect of this promotion is huge also; the Virtuozzo VPS Power (1024 MB RAM, 50 GB HDD and 350 GB monthly transfer) will cost only $52.46/month for the first month. For the next month and then the standard price of $69.95 per month will apply.

The dedicated server clients have a share also; as Dedicated Start plan, the first month will cost only $74.25per month. Customers in Europe who need a dedicated hosting have their on share of this discount also, Host Color’s Thanksgiving promotion will make the price of Euro 1 Dedicated Server (Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz machine with 1GB RAM and 320 GB HDD) goes to €74.25 on sign up. Then the standard price of €99/month will apply.

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