Xen VPS from VEXXHOST Web Hosting

VEXXHOST Web Hosting announced that they are using Xen VPS technology that brings to their customers one of the best VPS options backed up with full network and hardware redundancy and affordable prices staring from $24.72/month.

All the VPS servers are connected to VEXXHOST premium redundant network by using four global Internet providers and the best network hardware possible like Cisco routers and switched that makes the network reaches 100% availability.

The servers also uses a hardware RAID 10 technology that bring two advantages to VEXXHOST clients, First is data redundancy as all hard drives are mirrored for data protection which keeps two copies of client data and makes the data recoverable even with a hard drive failure. Second is splitting each file into small parts and copy them into different hard drives which make an excellent read/write performance through hard drives and highly increase server performance. That means for redundancy and performance clients data are saved on four hard drives instead of one in the normal case.

Clients of VEXXHOST are assured also that power is not an issue for online availability as all Xen VPS servers are equipped with two power supplies for redundancy and connected with power lines that are secured by four huge generators and UPS’s system array.

By using Xen VPS hosting all customers will have their own real dedicated disk space, RAM & bandwidth. And also Xen VPS is unlike any other methods; it gives clients their complete access to their resources, also full isolation by using individual kernels for every Xen VPS and not using a shared kernel like other virtualization methods, which protect VPS’s from crashing if other VPS on the main server crashes.

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