20% Market of SSL Certificates Worldwide is goes to GoDaddy

GoDaddy a domain registrar and web hosting Solution Company now holds about 20.5% share of the SSL certificates market, which is really significant on its own, and what makes it impressive is considering Go Daddy began offering SSL certificates about four years ago. Its different than other SSL certificates providers is that Go Daddy achieved this success with only organic growth which means, it was not artificially cultivated with acquisitions or mergers.

SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer Certificates) are important layers when it comes to protect information online that is so sensitive.

Bob Parsons, Go Daddy CEO and Founder said “Our market share has grown so fast for one simple reason,” he also added “Our SSL Certs have all the functionality our higher-priced competitors offer – but at a fraction of the cost! Think about it, if you can get the identical product for a much lower price, backed by world-class support, why wouldn’t you? That’s why we have grown, month after month after month.”

In the August Netcraft report, Go Daddy got the largest growth for SSL, they gained 8,693 SSL Certificates. Go Daddy is also a leader for Web hosting hosted with SSL Certificates, and they are the world’s second largest SSL provider.

Mike Prettejohn, Director of analyst firm Netcraft Ltd. said “Go Daddy has increased its SSL market share every single month since June 2007,” also he added “In the space of just one year, Go Daddy’s SSL certificates have grown by more than 80 percent.”

SSL Certs is the technique to enable the browser of end user and the web hosting server to make a secure, encrypted connection as this is the standard way for protecting sensitive information from identity theft, tampering and hacking. As an example, Businesses rely on SSL Certificates to stop hackers from entering credit card information while clients do shopping and online transactions.

About Go Daddy:
Go Daddy domain registrar and web hosting provider is a leading company for services that enable businesses and individuals to establish, maintain and evolve an online presence. Go Daddy is the provider of a big variety of domain name registration plans and Web site hosting and design plans, it is also provide a variety of on-demand services. These include services like Domains by Proxy private registration, SSL Certificates, blog templates, ecommerce Web site hosting and blog software, online photo hosting and podcast packages. Go Daddy has about 30 million domain names under management.

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