Internet hosting and domain registrar VEXXHOST.COM introduces near-CDP backup system

VEXXHOST has announced in an email that was sent to its clients that it has started offering near CDP protection to all of its shared & reseller web hosting accounts.  They are using a backup system powered by R1soft’s near CDP technology which allowed them to have backups of all of the shared/reseller web hosting accounts.  This new feature comes in with no increased fees and a promise from vexxhost to never raise its prices.

At the moment, their clients data is protected and backed up every 3 hours, which means everyday at 12AM, 3AM, 6AM, 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM, 9PM.  Also, they can restore a backup up to 24 hours ago which means that if they need to restore a backup at 12AM, they have 8 backups taken at a span of 3 hours for the whole day, so instead of losing a whole day’s work, they would only can lose 3 hours maximum.  VEXXHOST has also mentioned that they take daily backups for all accounts.

This backup service is the best and only in class, no other shared & reseller web hosting provider is yet able to provide a backup service every 3 hours. They also backup the MySQL databases in a way where they are temporarily locked and there is no possibility of the database becoming corrupt or the backup itself, this maximizes security and decreases any possibility of a corrupted backup.

VEXXHOST, a web hosting provider that has been constantly advancing and evolving with technology still continues to have one of the best web hosting offers.  With their shared web hosting plans starting at $2.55 per month, they continue to be one of the best budget providers with a premium offering because of their redundant systems, networks and services.

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