Dedicated & Managed web hosting provider The Planet introduces new websites & brands

The Planet dedicated web hosting provider which is one of the largest privately held dedicated & managed web hosting providers have introduced their new website alongside with 2 new brands which are “Planet Alpha” & “Planet Northstar”, their corporate “The Planet” name remains used for the main corporate brand.  Their “Planet Alpha” brand holds their dedicated servers line and “Planet Northstar” holds their managed hosting which were both previously held by the main “The Planet” brand.

“Planet Alpha”, a brand of “The Planet” is now holding all their dedicated services; they still have the same old configurations which are either single CPU, single or dual core & dual CPU, dual or quad cores.  Their prices have remained the same and still remain to be the best price value for their premium datacenter and bandwidth.  They are currently offering big discounts on their current dedicated server line with the launch of their new website which makes them one of the very reasonable options for premium hosting.  For the more complex applications requiring clusters or managed web hosting, The Planet has introduced the “Planet Northstar” brand.

The Planet remains one of the top privately held premium internet service providers, operating their own private 155,000 square feet datacenter at the moment with another 12,000 square feet ready for expansion. They are considered one of the top-end premium providers with N+1 power generators, N+2 redundant HVAC systems and connecting to tier-1 network providers such as AT&T (NYSE:T), AboveNet, NTT (NYSE:NTT), Savvis (NASDAQ:SVVS), Global Crossing (NASDAQ:GLBC), Level 3 (NASDAQ:LVLT), Time Warner Telecom (NASDAQ:TWTC).