VEXXHOST Web Hosting & LinkWorth partner to give clients free advertisement credit

VEXXHOST, a provider for web hosting and domain names announced its new partnership with LinkWorth to provide all of its clients with $100 worth of advertising credit at no cost when ordering any of their web hosting plans. This partnership is unique and the offer is only valid with vexxhost. Their infamous web hosting offer which is priced at $4.49 per month and included 5000 GB of disk space and 50000 GB of bandwidth with unlimited hosted domains is still active.

The mix of free advertising credit provided by vexxhost from other companies (such as Yahoo! Search Marketing (YHOO) & Microsoft adCenter (MSFT) per example) and it’s affordable plans is the best way for someone to start his own new website, he will be setup instantly with a web hosting account and will be provided with the budget to market his website which makes vexxhost’s web hosting plans perfect for personal sites, small businesses or any type of user.

VEXXHOST is a rapidly expanding provider for internet hosting services and domain registry which is based in Montreal, Canada. It is powered by top of the line datacenters and uses its own private multi-homed network that is completely managed by vexxhost. The multihoming of their network makes it one of the best choice for international hosting and especially for websites located in North America. VEXXHOST offers a wide array of services from shared to reseller to virtual & dedicated hosting, they also register domain names.

LinkWorth is a newly but ever growing company that has been providing services for users who’d like to advertise their websites with a wide range of services such as text link ads, paid blog reviews, in-text ads and other type of advertisements; they also offer the same services to publishers who’d like to insert advertisements to their websites. LinkWorth is a company that is based in Lewisville, Texas which has been in business since 2004 and has always had one of the best reputations for company to work with in any type of text advertisements.

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