Dotster Web Hosting Provider Announces “Dotster Connect” as a Social Network Solution.

Web hosting provider Dotster announces that they are offering Dotster Connect which is a complete suite of social networking and media sharing capabilities, Dotster Connect enable businesses to engage users by interactive features like community blogs, forums and polls.

Enterprise Dotster customers can use Dotster Connect’s set of features like dedicated managers, customized solutions and scalability to provide larger business with a new ways for benefiting from the power of social networking.

In the press release, Dotster says that small businesses can use this “first all-in-one product” to “tap into the power of social networking quickly and affordably with a platform that’s been specifically tailored for them.”

Dotster claims the advanced technology behind Dotster Connect “surpasses that of MySpace, Friendster, Facebook and YouTube combined.”

The community encourages customer loyalty, providing companies with a way to quickly understand customer needs, values, and opinions so they can better manage and drive their business.

Social community solution also enables customers, vendors, partners, employees, event attendees and developers can meet, share ideas, develop relationships, contribute content and learn from one another.

Clint Page, CEO of Dotster said “We are in a new era of brand building where traditional media and one-way marketing communications aren’t working the way they once did” also he said “Customers are now relying on their communities to help them make purchasing decisions, and the companies who best understand and facilitate this are the ones who will emerge the winners. Dotster Connect, in conjunction with our web hosting expertise and product suite, allows a company to do this as never before.”

The solution has a range of applications, including extranets, intranets, and online conferencing and training portals. Users can also create polls and forums, events management, submittal processing, user profiles and awards, posting articles, commenting, media sharing, groups and newsletters.

For established businesses, Dotster Connect offers seamless integration with existing websites and brands. There are also free consultations and hands-on web designers who will work with clients to build websites.

Dotster is a leading full service provider of essential resources for businesses to get online and grow online. It has helped nearly 1 million businesses and individuals establish their web presence, build their Web sites, and drive revenue. It is also the provider of 100% reliable domain name services to federal and state governments. With millions of domain names under management, Dotster is one of the world’s largest ICANN-accredited domain registration and Web hosting companies. Dotster’s mission is to provide the widest range of innovative and easy-to-use Internet solutions and back them with the unprecedented, personalized support that has earned the company superior customer loyalty rates.

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