VEXXHOST web hosting and domain name provider announced a better than dedicated server VPS plans.

VEXXHOST web hosting announced last week that they finished upgrading their virtual private server (VPS) structure. The upgrade include a new multi homed network that has four major Internet providers which makes the availability of the sites hosted on their VPS server goes to 100%.  Along with top of the line data-center in downtown Montreal with redundant power supply using three giant electric generators and un-interrupted power supply units which guarantee a non interrupted electric power supply. The data-center also equipped with advance fire alarm/fighting system, redundant air conditioning system and advance security system using cameras and electronic card door entry.

The upgrades include also the servers’ hardware also; all the VPS servers now have a RAID 10 for data security, redundancy and performance. Dual power supply unit for power redundancy and to eliminate any chance of downtime. All the servers are Intel multi Xeon processors of up to 8 processors and have ECC RAM of up to 32 GB.

All Virtual private servers use Xen virtualization method, which totally separate RAM, space and even kernel of each vps server and prevent any interfering between VPS’s.

With all these specifications and redundancies and by giving a generous dedicated RAM of up to 1 GB to each VPS server, makes VEXXHOST VPS plans better than using a dedicated server with a much affordable prices.

Author: Maria Dehn

Maria Dehn has held editorial management positions for numerous print and Web publications. She has more than 17 years of Information Technologies and journalism experience and has written many reports on cloud computing. You can reach her on Twitter @MariaDehn