Easy CGI web hosting started to offer Linux VPS (virtual private server) Plans

Easy CGI web hosting is offering now five Linux VPS plans. These virtual private server hosting plans offer a range of disk space, bandwidth and memory, also offer higher access to CPU time by reducing the number of VPS clients on the servers.

Easy CGI web hosting, a well-known hosting company which was offering Windows Server hosting only is now has a full range of five VPS (virtual private server) plans for clients who need Linux system. These plans are nearly the same of those offered to its Windows system. Easy CGI range of Linux virtual private server plans can satisfy nearly any VPS hosting need – starting from  small businesses ending to big corporations.

“Although we are a Windows Web hosting provider,” Dan Richfield President of Easy CGI said “we pride ourselves on flexibility and our ability to deliver what customers want. There’s a definite market out there for Linux-based hosting and we are one of the few hosting companies offering dedicated VPS on both Windows and Linux platforms.”

All five these plans guarantee a small number of VPS for each server, which gives each customer a bigger share of CPU time, disk space and RAM.

Easy CGI web hosting is a leading Windows Web hosting company since 2001, they provide value web hosting and customer support. The VPS plans that they offer are flexible, easy-to-use, and have step-by-step instructions with huge knowledge base.