Woopra Grid Servers Using Layered Tech and 3Tera

Layered Technologies a utility hosting services provider and 3Tera a utility computing platform developer announced that they will provide hundred grid-based servers to support Woopra real-time Web analytics platform.

Woopra has been experiencing a big market demand before its official launch. The Web analytics platform provides real-time stats delivered by a client-server application, and includes features like the ability to identify and chat with visitors of a site.

“The instant growth of Woopra is a perfect example of how grid solutions provide new capabilities for growth,” says Peter Nickolov, president and chief technology officer of 3Tera. “Scaling an online application, such as Woopra, can be enormously challenging. Being able to quickly deploy and operate on a highly available and scalable utility computing platform offers a unique business solution.”

Elie Khoury, Woopra’s chief information officer, says that the public feedback it has received since WordCamp has been phenomenal and the company is aggressively working to make its application available to as many as 100,000 websites within the next few weeks.

Layered Technologies says that with 3Tera’s AppLogic platform, it will be able to provide Woopra with grid computing solutions, enabling the company to package its entire application into a single, self-contained entity, but also give it the flexibility to scale back from a fraction of a CPU to hundreds of machines without any code modification.

“We are excited about the launch of Woopra and the fact that we will be hosting it on The Grid,” says Todd Abrams, chief operating officer and president of Layered Technologies. “With such high demand, we are working closely with Woopra to ensure that all of Layered Technologies’ clients can gain access to the application as quickly as possible.”