Web Hosting provider “The Planet” Announces the Results of the Green Initiative

The Planet web hosting provider has announced the results of the “six-month trial to reduce power consumption and increase data center operating efficiency”. The result was server loads increased by about 5% at the period and power consumption (related to cooling) decreased by about 31%. The results shows also a 13.5% ‘across-the-board’ reduction in consumption as a result of a “broad range of improvements”. So they predicts some cost savings at its six data centers to exceed one million dollars in 2008.

“With six data centers that house more than 50,000 servers, it’s important that we operate at peak performance to meet the demands of our 22,000 customers,” explained The Planet’s Vice President, Facilities, Mr. Jeff Lowenberg. “At the same time, our goal is to conserve energy and drive operating efficiencies since power is a premium in every corner of the world. Ultimately, when we operate more efficiently, our customers reap the benefits since we’re able to spend capital on products and services that will enhance the customer experience.”

The Planet has around 150 30-ton computer room air conditioning units. After initiating its green measures, the company can now turn off 4 of the units at one center. And the cooling requirement on the other two units was also reduced to about 50% of its capacity, while the other nine systems operate at 25 percent of its capacity. The company also extended the return air plenums on all of its down-flow CRAC units to optimize efficiency. In some cases, The Planet staff was able to increase CRAC unit temperature settings by about 10 degrees while still meeting the thermal guidelines for data processing environments set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).